Coffee mix

escape reality



CLIENT: Coffee Mix
AGENCY: Zhima Digital
ROLE: Art Director

Coffee Mix wanted to launch its coffee brand in China.
We positioned the brand and the coffee drinking occasion as a peaceful moment, a break in the middle of a stressful day, a moment for you to recharge your batteries, and start fresh.
For instant, Escape Reality.
On top of our film, we proposed a collaboration with QQ music, promoting different songs and artists giving consumers a free musical break.
In this project, I was responsible for the overall design, manifesto video creation as well as posters and participating in the overall campaign idea.

manifesto video


A short video depicting our escape reality concept, from the coffee sip to the magic escape moment.

Key visuals


For these Key Visuals, I used an aerial treatment to contrast with daily life busy moments. The main character is lifted into the air by coffee in an escaping reality for a moment. Each Key visual contains some lyrics from different sounds that you can directly discover online scanning the QR code.

QQ music pre-roll ads


We use QQ music pre-roll ads to promote our brand while linking them to different artists and moods inviting people to have a musical break offered by Coffee Mix.

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