Olympic campaign



ROLE: Art Director

In 2016 Yili were Olympic games and Chinese team official partners. They needed the campaign to promote this partnership and their range of dairy drinks to a very wide range of consumers.
We promoted Yili’s products as a daily source of power, creating TVC and viral videos targeting all types of consumers, cheering them up to do original and unexpected daily exercises.
To amplify the campaign we collaborated with Keep, (Personal trainer) app creating original daily life sportive exercises and in-app competitions
We also organized tower runs competitions events in different cities letting people climb high buildings by the stairs.
All of these created the perfect journey for our consumers to experience daily life sport while getting power from Yili dairy drinks.
In this project, I was in charge of Key Visuals and the H5 Mini-site as-well-as taking part in the whole campaign creative ideation.



Each key visual depicts one of our original daily sport situations, targeting different consumer groups. These were displayed mainly on social media with different release dates.



Each of our videos depicts daily life situations with a twist, turning them into funny and original exercises targeting different groups of consumers.

Keep H5 mini-site


For this campaign, we collaborated with Keep sport exercise app. We created original daily life exercises supported by within app videos and an H5 mini-site competition for everyone to join and earn rewards.

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