CLIENT: Hermès
AGENCY: Tomorrow
ROLE: Art Director

For Valentine's Day Hermès wanted to create beautiful stories featuring their products. We came up with an original idea about duo when two different people love each other, their two worlds merge creating a new one; in other words, 1+1=1.
Using different selected Hermès products we made them break boundaries between their worlds, interacting playfully together. During these interactions, their two worlds represented by the background merge creating a new world.
In this project I was responsible for the overall Art Direction, Key Visuals, and Mini-program page design, as well as coming with a concept, different stories, and interaction with my copywriter partner, we also followed and control the overall production process.



For this campaign, we created four different videos featuring eight pairs of products classified by categories. Videos were either displayed together, separated, or put together in a shorter version to be adapted to different media channels.



For each Key Visual, I recreated the key moment of each love story when both products meet each other while their universe merges creating dynamic and beautiful visuals.

Mini-program page design


For the Mini-Program I reworked the four Key Visuals, extending them for better integration, having the four different backgrounds covering the whole page while immersing costumers into our product worlds.

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