Loro piana

warmth of togetherness



CLIENT: Loro Piana
AGENCY: Tomorrow
ROLE: Art Director

For the 2020 Chinese New Year under the Rat sign, Loro Piana wanted to tell a touching story promoting their capsule collection.
A new trend for Chinese rich families is to travel abroad. Using that insight and Loro Piana's luxury clothes and fabrics, we created "Warmth of Togetherness"; the story of a rat family traveling a Loro Piana world.
The film was made in stop motion using Loro Piana's clothes and fabrics to create different scenes while displaying the high quality of Loro Piana's products.
In this project I was responsible for the overall Art Direction, following and controlling the film production process as well as taking part in the concept, ideation, and story creation.

Warmth of Togetherness film


Stop motion film telling the "Warmth of togetherness" story in a beautiful Loro Piana universe.

Key Visuals


Loro Piana Key Visuals representing key steps in the rat family journey.

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