Clash de cartier



CLIENT: Cartier
AGENCY: Tomorrow
ROLE: Art Director

In April 2019, Cartier was launching their new collection Clash de Cartier in China, they organized a grand event at Shanghai K11 to promote this launch.
We were asked to cover the event generating different videos featuring Jackson Wang, Victoria Song, and Wen Qi interacting with different Clash de Cartier booths to be shared online.
We created different videos using a mashup of selected footage of the event and dynamic editing letting everyone enjoy the Clash de Cartier at K11 experience in a very dense format.
We also created one recap video and one case study for their internal usage.
In this project, I was in charge of the Art Direction of the videos, following the shooting on the day of the event as-well-as controlling the post-production.

Event recap videos


The social video was a dense recap of the event including different celebrities interacting with the booths, Cartier party, and Jackson's Wang live.
(Sound have been removed for copyright issue)

Self interview videos


In addition to the event recap videos, we also created short self-interviews of the celebrities, in the Cartier Secret Cafe at K11.
(Sound have been removed for copyright issue)

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